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Native Salesforce Financial Services Home Office & Advisor Platform

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It’s time your back-office software lived up to today’s technology advanced business environment. Driven by the constant data demands of managing advisor compensation and compliance requirements, Sycamore brings together data aggregation and rich functionality onto one cloud-based platform to process compensation and perform compliance checks, while solving the omnipresent challenge of data silos.
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Sycamore solves the operational and compliance challenges of broker-dealer and RIA home offices out of the box, providing simple and quick installation, configuration and use within the native-Salesforce ecosystem.
Our end-to-end, native-Salesforce platform collects data from the right sources, normalizes it in a single database, and makes it accessible to multiple applications and reporting while ensuring the highest level of security.
Sycamore’s platform is fully compliant with FINRA Reg BI and is cloud-based, aligning with firms’ need to support remote workforces indefinitely without having to change how firms process or approve submissions and other communications throughout the firm.

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Effortlessly Harness the Power of Your Data

Make Compliance, Supervision and Surveillance a Breeze

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Get all the data and functionality your home office needs to recruit and manage advisors, meet compliance requirements, and keep advisors fully connected. On a single, native-Salesforce platform.

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