Laser App Event Round-Up Part II: Why We Don’t Use Flip Phones Anymore

Laser App Event Round-Up Part II: Why We Don’t Use Flip Phones Anymore

Last week, we recapped our client’s presentation at the 2017 Laser App Financial Services Conference, where Prospera Financial Services discussed the benefits of partnering with Sycamore Company.

In this week’s blog, we recap our own experience where our Business Development Consultant, Mary Blackburn, had the opportunity to more fully explain the benefits of Sycamore’s platform.

To start, what is Sycamore Company? In short, we are a cloud-based back-end technology platform that includes commission processing, compliance and advisor management for broker-dealers and RIAs.

What makes us different? One way to think about it that resonated at the conference, is when Mary asked the audience: “How many of you are still using a flip phone?” Of course, the answer was a resounding “no.”

“Was the flip phone not just the greatest invention?” Mary asked attendees. “You could make and get phone calls anytime, anywhere. It kept you connected — but all it did was make phone calls. That’s why the flip phone was the greatest thing ever, until the smartphone.”

She pulled out her own smartphone, showed it to the audience. Suddenly you’ve got one device that gives you access to a phone, email, research, documents — anything you need is right there. Yes, the flip phone still works, but a smartphone is a much better version.

Sycamore Company is like the smartphone for back office technology. We are the modern, integrated platform that is becoming today’s industry standard. And because we build everything on the Salesforce platform, you can go to the Salesforce app exchange and download whatever you might need to help your business run more efficiently.

Key Takeaways
LaserApp was a good opportunity to network with like-minded professionals as well as a great platform to talk about the major strides in technology that have been made for our clients’ benefit.

We continue to work to get the word out to broker-dealer and RIAs that they don’t have to settle for outdated back-end technology solutions – we’re here to make the job easier and technology that does anything less is holding you back from reaching your full potential.

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