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2017 Laser App Financial Services Conference: Event Round-Up Part I: Prospera Review

2017 Laser App Financial Services Conference: Event Round-Up Part I: Prospera Review

We recently had the opportunity to join our client, Prospera Financial Services, at the 2017 Laser App Financial Services Conference earlier this year. Marco Galvan, IT Manager with Prospera, took to the stage to talk about their experience utilizing our platform.

Case in Point
Prospera Financial Services is an independent broker dealer firm that supports financial advisors across the country. Last year, they were in the market for software that would seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and ultimately enable them to work smarter, to future-proof their business, and to provide their clients with next-level efficiency and functionality. Most importantly, it had to be easy for their clients to use — or they knew they would risk losing them.

During the presentation, Marco described in detail the incredible level of success they’ve had with the rollout of COREngine, their customized version of our Salesforce-integrated software solution. While working with Prospera to build and deliver COREngine, we incorporated auto form filling, agility, powerful data aggregation, reporting, file storage, and mobile responsiveness — all must-haves for Prospera. And as new needs arise, Marco mentioned he felt comfortable reaching out to request changes from Sycamore directly. This has been especially helpful with DOL and additional regulations coming down the line — their partnership with us has allowed them to react extremely fast and make updates as quickly as necessary.

Of our customer-client relationship, Marco said, “I don’t think of Sycamore as just another vendor — because they’re not. They’re our partner. We’re getting as much support from them as ideas they’re getting from us to make their product better. It really is collaborative. And that’s an exciting thing.”

We go to many conferences each year and to be honest, sometimes we see the value and sometimes we don’t. But to have a client speak about the benefits of working with Sycamore Company is a true testament to the platform we are building, and how we are working to revolutionize the industry.

Check out Marco’s full presentation here.

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