Finity360™ – by Arcus Partners

Finity360 digital data management solutions, developed by Arcus Partners, provide financial services companies with a highly agile, scalable and customizable way of gaining maximum business value from their data, systems, documents and operations workflows.

Finity360 Docs is a FINRA-compliant digital document management solution integrated within the Sycamore ecosystem that automates the way applications, legal agreements and other crucial documents are captured, organized, approved, stored and accessed. Because Finity360 is natively built on the Salesforce platform, firms can manage user entitlements centrally in one platform rather than duplicating permissions across systems or modules.

Since Finity360 Docs is blockchain-enabled, it future-proofs a firm’s technology investment by extending the option of adopting smart contracts down the road to drive greater efficiencies, faster time to revenue, and better customer onboarding and service experiences.

Finity360 Recovery is a powerful digital recovery and backup tool that helps companies meet maintenance and preservation mandates for electronic records under SEC 240.17a-3, 240.17a-4, 204, MSRB, FINRA and state requirements. The solution helps firms using Salesforce and other SaaS or cloud platforms address the common problem of data loss by providing complete, overall data protection using blockchain.

Finity360 Analytics, a highly scalable, cost-effective and secure solution that transforms a legacy data warehouse into a dynamic, cloud-based data analysis platform with business intelligence. It combines a digital data warehouse, business intelligence (BI) and analytics in one cloud-based platform.

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