Compensation Manager

Compensation Management Software for Financial Services Industry

Finally a flexible and simple financial application software designed to handle All of your compensation needs. Sycamore Company’s Compensation Management Software has a rules based structure that allows for unlimited compensation scenarios and can support multiple lines of business within a single organization including Investment, Advisory and Insurance. Plus, the Advisor interface provides your reps a real-time look at their commission history, including pending commissions and fees.


  • Cloud-based compensation system designed to be FLEXIBLE and EASY to use.
  • Integrated Fee Billing Module allowing for robust fee calculation scenarios (In Arrears, Advance, Pro Rata, etc.)
  • Automated and redundant data checking insures accuracy.
  • Rules based commission structure allows for unlimited payout scenarios.
  • Supports multiple lines of business including investments, advisory, and insurance.
  • Estimates expected commissions and reconciles against actual commissions received.
  • Simple Advisor interface for commission statements, commission history, commission payable, and client information.


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